Went to the Kennedy Space Center today 'cause our neighbour, Ted, decided to drive us over there. It was really educational and everything. It definitely made me wanna be an astronaut. Hahaha.

I'm finally posting about my trip! I'm finally in Florida after the longest travel ever. I even got left behind in Fort Worth 'cause there was a crazy long line in customs. And, I missed the skylink to my gate. Well anyways, American Airlines was kind enough to let me join the next flight.

So here's my second day in Florida. I spent it at Downtown Mount Dora. Then, had dinner at this Japanese restaurant nearby.

Enough of photos and adventures... it's time to share some of my music! In all honesty, I've always wanted to keep all my music all to myself. But, I've realised that it's great to share playlists 'cause I know what it's like get that wonderful feeling when you discover some music that's totally right up your alley.

So... ALAS! Here's my playlist for this month. I added some tracks by alt-J and Angus and Julia Stone since they're gonna be coming to the Philippines this month. And sadly I can't make it to their concerts so I definitely needed to add my favourite tracks by them on my playlist so I can still listen to them even though I won't be seeing them live.. Hahaha.

Cover art credit to: vangoghv.tumblr.com//

Another beach day! It's been so much fun and all. But, my skin is getting way too dark from all this beaching. My skin seriously needs a break from the sun!

Love blogging from the Queen city of the South because that means it's back to the island life! The beach has always been my favourite part of my hometown. And, Cebu is full of 'em. For my latest beach adventure, we went to Pandanon Island. It's crazy how many tourists there are this time of year. Not only that, there's a lot of plastic wrappers lying around everywhere. First time I went there, it was practically empty. 

Last photo taken of my fave slipper before I lost one pair on the walk back to shore! It was seriously the most killer walk of my life. (probably worst than that killer trek I talked about in my previous post) There were sea urchins and sharp rocks everywhere. And we didn't have much of choice but to walk through all of that since the tide was too low for the boat to dock.

So me and a couple of my friends spontaneously decided to go trekking. It was supposed to be a two hour trek going to the waterfalls then another two hours going back to where we started. But then things didn't turn out the way we planned...

It rained super hard and climbing that mountain was harder than we thought. Our guide told us we better leave the waterfalls soon in case we get caught up in a landslide or something. But miraculously, after all those slips and falls, we made it!! It was exhausting but I gotta admit, it was a lotta fun.

I'm pretty sure I've already lost so many readers and subscribers but I'm gonna be back from now on, FOR REAL. I've decided to bring this blog back to life since I feel like I really need an outlet to share all my ideas and opinions now that I'm in university.

The last time I blogged I just finished high school and I was still trying to figure a lot of things out. I guess right now, I'm still kind of in that stage of trying to determine some direction in my life. But one thing's for sure, I definitely wanna revive this blog as a platform for creative expression. Not only that, I also wanna share my advocacies and ideas about everything that I'm really passionate about.

So now that I'm in university, I guess I've grown to become more mature and independent. And it's almost the end of my freshman days and I'm happy to say that it's been one crazy and amazing year. We're only four months in 2015 and I think that it's been a pretty great year. The highlight of this year, so far, has been the ASEAN University Student Assembly (AUSA). This was a one week long conference in Bangkok that gave me a chance to represent my country and university. It was such an amazing experience that gave me the opportunity to share my ideas and meet other students from other ASEAN nations who I learned a lot from. Anyways, to kickstart this blog, I'm gonna start by posting some photos from AUSA. Unfortunately, my iPhone fell in the water while I was at the beach so I didn't get to take much photos from the trip.